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title. keeping some demon down
subject. girl!sam/dean
warnings. heterosexual incest
notes. an imagined classic rock mix tape dean put together for sam.
this has been sitting in my itunes forever. i've finally gotten the gumption to get it together because i'm procrastinating on my het big bang. yes, i'm writing again. no, not the zombie story, the prequel. just shoot me.

girl!Sam is portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca. Front and back cover under the cut, individual songs and zip uploaded to mediafire.

individual songs

1 | since i’ve been loving you led zeppelin
but baby / since i've been loving you / i'm about to lose my worried mind, oh yeah

2 | burning for you blue oyster cult
i'm living for giving the devil his due / and I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you

3 | rebel rebel david bowie
rebel rebel / how could they know / hot tramp, i love you so

4 | runaway bon jovi
oo, she’s a little runaway / daddy’s girl learned fast / all the things he couldn’t say

5 | i hate myself for loving you joan jett and the blackhearts
i think of you ev'ry night and day / you took my heart then you took my pride away

6 | breakdown tom petty and the heartbreakers
there is no sense in pretending / your eyes give you away / something inside you is feeling like I do / we said all there is to say

7 | bringin’ on the heartbreak def leppard
you're a mystery, always runnin' wild / like a child without a home / you're always searching, searching for a feeling / but it's easy come and easy go

8 | stop dragging my heart around stevie nicks featuring tom petty
so you've had a little trouble in town / now you're keeping some demon down / stop draggin' my / stop draggin' my / stop draggin' my heart around

9 | so caught up in you 38 special
so caught up in you, little girl / and I never did suspect a thing / so caught up in you, little girl /that I never want to get myself free

10 | i think i’m in love eddie money
it surrounds me, ooh, like a sea of madness / It controls me, makes me do all the things I do for you / on my mind babe, thinkin' about you now / and I don't know how I'll make it through the night

11 | the boys of summer don henley
i never will forget those nights / i wonder if it was a dream / remember how you made me crazy / remember how I made you scream

12 | another rainy night (without you) queensryche
strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound / raindrops taste like tears without the pain / i’m not much without you, can't leave if I wanted to / maybe that's why you stay around

13 | wild world cat stevens
baby, I love you / but if you wanna leave, take good care / i hope you make a lot of nice friends out there / but just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

14 | nothing else matters metallica
trust I seek and I find in you / every day for us something new / open mind for a different view / and nothing else matters

individual songs

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