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01. come away to the water || MAROON 5
come away little light - come away to the darkness - in the shade of the night we’ll come looking for you - come away little light

02. furnace room lullaby || NEKO CASE
all night, all I hear, all I hear's your heart - how come, how come - i twisted you over and under to take you - the coals went so wild as they swallowed the rest - i twisted you under and under to break you

03. bad moon rising || RASPUTINA
don't go around tonight, - well, it's bound to take your life, - there's a bad moon on the rise.

04. into my blood || CARINA ROUND
the fear and the fight towards the inside - into the light, ready to burn - i wait no more or hang on my turn - move too slow, it's like waiting to die

05. paint it black || VERSA EMERGE
i look inside myself and see my heart is black - i see my red door and it has been painted black - maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts - it's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

06. surrenderer || EMPIRES
i'm outside I think I'm alone - i got no pockets got no cellular phone - i hear a whisper, is it my ghost - i start begging for mercy, I ain't ready to go - i ain't ready to go

07. crying lightning || ARCADE FIRE
your past-times, consisted of the strange - and twisted and deranged - and i love that little game you had called - crying lightning

08. go on || BASIA BULAT
it could've been the one you loved - the visions of the things I'd done - well, I wouldn't be the only one if you'd only told the truth - while they chased you down that night

09. too afraid to love you || THE BLACK KEYS
all those sleepless nights - and all those wasted days - i wish loneliness would leave me
But i think he's here to stay

10. it’s you || FIRELIGHT
i wish that I could break all the mirrors in my mind - the ones that lie to me and steal away my pride - i wish I could be blind to everything that haunts me

11. could’ve had me || LEX LAND
yeah, if you wanted me, you could've had me, baby - a long time ago, easier than you know - you were the sun, or the moon pullin' the tide - you were the clouds wrappin' 'round my head in the sky

12. come undone || DURAN DURAN
can't ever keep from falling apart at the seams - can't I believe you're taking my heart
to pieces

13. lose your soul || DEAD MAN’S BONES
i get up in the morning to the beat of the drum - i get up to this feeling,
keeps me on the run

14. the horror of our love || LUDO
i'm a killer, cold and wrathful - silent sleeper, I've been inside your bedroom - i've murdered half the town - left you love notes on their headstones

15. hey you || ALI SLAIGHT
but it was only a fantasy - the wall was too high as you can see - no matter how he tried he could not break free - and the worms ate into his brain

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