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my barnes and noble loot from earlier )

Hmm. A lot more vampire/paranormal books then I normally get. Excluding the Duggars, of course. Then again, maybe my instincts are right about them...

Now I just have to figure out what to read first!

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#1 reason I should not be on the laptop in bed?

Because my husband snores like a sawing logs motherfucker. It's LOUD.

But, alas, the tv in the bedroom is the one with the DVR that has the Vampire Diaries saved which I may have just spent the last few days in a cold pill induced haze overdosing on the books. I just started The Return tonight. I actually spent $18 on the hardcover instead of just downloading it from somewhere. I must be sick.

I honestly thought I was done with vampire fiction. I thought I had all the Twilight crap out of my system and I'd just concentrate on Supernatural for awhile.

And then?


Holy crap, HOT.

So, I've spent the weekend mainlining books that apparently take place in 1991, which mean they're my contemporaries and the main protagonist is a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde who everybody LOVES including the two vampire brothers. Which you know, GAGS me A LOT.

But still I read, because I've watched the last five episodes in quick succession and I AM NOT PATIENT. Because I need to have at least some idea of where this series is going. Because I can't decide who I like more, DAMON OR STEFAN. UGH!

And because I keep looking at THIS.

And then I thank my lucky stars someone decided to pair this show with Supernatural on Thursdays.
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So am I missing something or )

Do you think they're really going to go there? Oh, and I'm completely spoiler free, so I'm just looking to speculate, not be spoiled!
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A few years ago, I was proud of how little tv I actually watched. I was quite snobbish about it, too.

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen.

For my own record, I'd like to list the tv shows I now record/watch.

holy crap, that's a lot of tv )

I blame the DVR.
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Thanks to everyone who answered my plea for transcripts of Asylum. Super-wiki is my first stop for everything Supernatural related, so I should have been more clear in my post that I had already looked there. The only thing extra they had up for that episode was Kat and Gavin's sides.

I had a little time on my hands so I transcribed it myself.

Just so you know and aren't disappointed, this isn't the entire episode. It's just from the moment Dean goes into the basement and looks for Sam until the end of the episode.

This scene still kills me dead. I swear. )

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Oh my God, Raelle Tucker. Go ahead! Rip out my heart and stomp on it, why don't you! )

Oh crap. I'm so sorry if my lack of a closing lj-tag spoiled anyone. Crap crap crap.


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