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Eleven hours of work today with no break, I'm freaking beat.

It was insane, I believe we were on page 7 of emergencies when I finally went home, an hour after my shift was supposed to end.

I am SO TIRED. However, I couldn't go to bed without recommending everyone read the remix written for me, Witching Hour (The Cinderella Remix). It's based on my story the The Burying Point, one of my favorite stories written.

It's beautifully written and has an awesome twist I wish I thought of first. ♥

Read, love, please give feedback. Nothing makes a writer happier than knowing someone enjoys their work.

Reading the other stories will have to wait until morning. My Egyptian cotton sheets are calling my name. zzzzzzzzz
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You must read this fic. And is there Honey still for Tea? <--scroll down

Winnie the Pooh, 100 Acre Wood apocalypse fic.

It's so awesome and heartbreaking and sweet. And the illustrations are perfect.
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by [livejournal.com profile] setissma

Dean’s always known how to want, but he’s never quite gotten the hang of how to need, and it’s the in between that’s killing them, caught someplace Sam’s not sure they’re ever going to get out of. He remembers the first time they kissed, running high on adrenaline, all dilated pupils and unsteady hands, and Sam thinks, sometimes, that they ought to have been more careful, ought to have found a better place to put down roots and latch on.

And while I'm at it:

Radical Feminism

Dean comes out to get him twenty minutes later, still dripping wet from his shower, wearing Sam’s brown hoodie and, from what Sam can tell, pretty much nothing else. He jerks open the back door of the Impala.

“Stop being so uptight and come play with my boobs, bitch,” Dean says, and tackles him.

Both of these are wonderful and I'm so happy [livejournal.com profile] setissma is writing Supernatural.

Please leave her oodles of feedback.
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Here's a Harry/Ginny story I think everyone who's a fan of the pairing should read. Love Lies Bleeding

It's haunting and atmospheric and deliciously NC-17. The characterizations are spot on and I honestly wish I wrote it. If you give it a read, please leave a review. Us writers love feedback. It's what we live for. ;)


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